Term of Services

The end user accepts and complies with the terms of service of cloudhm.co.th a cloud service website administrated by Cloud HM Company Limited. The details of the terms of service is as follow:

  1. cloudhm.co.th prohibits the use of our service(s) for the following activities:
    1. Prohibited activities:
      1. Illegal websites/applications/servers which attacks, dishonors or damages the royal and/or religious institutions and the defamation of others.
      2. Pornographic, obscene, and/or sexual websites/applications/servers.
      3. Gambling websites/applications/servers.
      4. Websites/applications/servers that provide BitTorrent, trackers, online streaming, pirate software, cracks, hacks, warezes, viruses, worms, trojan services and/or for conducting attacks such as but not limited to mail bombs, hack attacks, spamming, port scanning, port probing, download, MP3, software, video, voice clips and online music whether legally or illegally.
      5. Websites/applications/servers used for commercial mass emailing.
      6. Websites/applications/servers used for spamming (sending numerous unsolicited emails) by using fake email addresses or randomly sending emails to random accounts.
      7. Websites/applications/servers used for creating or sending chain emails.
      8. Websites/applications/servers used to send mass emails that affects service(s) of web board and/or other systems.
      9. Websites/applications/servers used to threaten or deprive the rights of others.
      10. Websites/applications/servers used and/or related to hacking, viruses and/or any activities that may or may not spread illegal, immoral content that may cause damages to or affect others.
      11. Websites/applications/servers that uses any scripts and/or programs which may cause damages to the provider and/or others servers. If found, the provider reserves the right to immediately suspend/terminate the websites/applications/servers usability until there rectification by the end user. The provider is not be responsible for any damages in such situation.
      12. Websites/applications/servers that infringes trademark, copyright or intellectual property rights.
      13. Websites/applications/servers that threatens, cheat, provide false information, and/or publicize inappropriate contents.
      14. Websites/applications/servers that discredits the provider
      15. Websites/applications/servers that violates the Computer Related Crime Act. B.E. 2550
      16. Other websites that are considered to be unsuitable by the provider
      The provider reserves the right to terminate any contracts and/or service(s) without having advanced notification if the end user is deemed to violate any of the terms set forth in this document. The provider also reserves the right to not issue any refunds should the end user be found to have violated any terms in this document.
  2. Information provided by the end user must be true and correct. If found to be otherwise, the end user reserves the right to terminate and/or not provide service(s) to that end user.
  3. A registered domain name is not changeable, if the end user wishes to change their domain name, the end user must purchase a new domain name.
  4. The provider will begin setup of any service(s) within 24 hours excluding non-business days after the provider receives proof of payment. If the proof of payment provided by the end user is not complete and the end user does not provide new information within 30 calendar days, the provider reserves the right to cancel the order without providing any refund.
  5. The provider is does not have a refund policy unless the provider is at fault.
  6. The provider has a notification system that will periodically notify end users about their service expiration date. If the end user does not make their payment by the due date, the provider reserves the right to temporarily suspend and/or permanently terminate their service(s) without prior notice. Any deleted data of the end user is not the responsibility of the provider.
  7. The provider is not responsible for damages to the end user caused by equipment malfunction, force majeure events and/or the carelessness of the end user.
  8. The provider reserves the right to temporary suspend and/or permanently terminate the services provided to the end user to investigate due on complaints and/or requests received by the provider.
  9. The provider reserves the right to terminate a service(s) immediately under any condition if the end user is deemed to have used a counterfeit and/or stolen credit card for the payment of the provider’s services.
  10. The provider reserves the right to use and/or reveal information of the end user when requested by a government officer for the purpose of compiling with national law(s).
  11. The provider reserves the right to prohibit the end user from copying and duplicating the provider’s content without prior written permission.
  12. The provider will contact the end user via the email provider by the end user upon registration. Should the end user want to change the email, can do so through the system. If the end user is unable the access the email, the provider may request for documents such as certificate of company and/or receipt for verification. If the end user cannot provide these documents, the provider reserves the right not to provide any information to the end user in any case.
  13. The provider is an infrastructure as a service provider not a software house. The provider reserves the right to not answer questions relating to programming, system administration, and etc.. Any support provided for such issues is on a best effort basis. The provider may post/send links which are related to the issue to the end user and the end user must troubleshoot the issue themselves. The provider will only provider answers questions and issues related to our services: Cloud Server and Cloud Backup.
  14. The provider reserves the right to delete any files of the end user such as but not limited to website wiles, email files and/or database files that have been infected by viruses without prior notification.
  15. Backups for the Cloud Server and Cloud Backup services are conducted regularly by the provider. Should the end user request for a copy(s) of the backup, all outstanding balances must be fully paid.
  16. The provider reserves the right to modify any part(s) of this document at any time without prior notice to the end user.