Invoice & Receipt

Save Money, Save Paper

Electronic tax invoice and receipt issuance platform that can help your company instantly save 10x cost by reducing paper usage. Digitally sign and store your electronic tax documents in your own private cloud. 100% compliance with Thai regulations. Able to fully integrate with your existing accounting or ERP software.

WHY USE e-Tax Invoice & Receipt WITH US?

Cost saving

Save up to 10x by cutting paper usage, ink cost, delivery fee, and storage space for document archives.

No change

We provide full integration all of your existing accounting and ERP software such as Express, Winspeed, Microsoft Dynamic or even SAP.

100% Compliant with Thai Government Regulation

Our platform is fully compliant with the Thai government e-tax regulations.

How it works

Pricing Calculator

Choose your company's approximate # of transactions / month
Cost ฿ 3 / transaction

Cost comparison

e-Tax Invoice

3 ฿
Cloud Storage
0.0012 ฿
0.1 ฿
Starting ฿
e-Tax saves you % or more

Paper Tax Issuance

Printing Cost
5 - 20 ฿
Storage Cost
0.5 ฿
Delivery Cost
100 ฿
Starting ฿

Key Features

Real-time Tax invoice generation

Powerful search

Private cloud server and storage

Dashboard & Web portal

Integrate and connect via API with POS

Support multiple roles

Digital signature stored in HSM

Monthly report

Document warehouse

Live chat support

Instant setup

Customizable PDF template / XML field

Automatically send email

.zip download for revenue department

Support offline mode

Support .txt / xml file batch / .csv upload

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