Cloud Migration

Cloud HM understands that using enterprise cloud services can come with many challenges. That's why we offer our customers a complete range of migration services, from start to finish. We follow a proven process to make sure your migration is safe and smooth. We'll create a solid plan after we've figured out your strategy, confirmed your ideas, and designed the right setup.

AWS Cloud Migration Services

Cloud HM's AWS cloud migration solution employs careful planning to aid enterprises in their move to the cloud. This not only empowers businesses to access the advantages of cloud computing and address the mounting costs of hardware but also enhances operational agility by presenting advanced deployment options for international business opportunities.

7R Strategy: Unlocking High-Performance Cloud Migration

The 7R cloud migration strategy evaluates how to handle server transfers, create new cloud services, and assess the need for acquiring new software licenses or retiring unused systems within an enterprise's cloud migration process. This approach is instrumental in aiding enterprises to execute a more efficient cloud migration.

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The Cloud HM Technology Cloud Migration Roadmap

Cloud HM recognizes the difficulties that arise when enterprises lack expert guidance for pre-migration planning. Hence, Cloud HM’s proficient architects offer support by assisting businesses in devising comprehensive strategies before embarking on their cloud migration journey.

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Before Migration

Pre-cloud Education Mutual Work Meetings Perform System Assessment Formulate Migration Plan

Digital Commerce


Design Cloud Architecture Select Migration Tool Disaster Recovery & Backup Validate Concept - Proof of Concept (PoC)

Application Development

After Migration

Cloud Maintenance & Governance Offer Comprehensive Monitoring

AWS Certifications

aws certified cloud practitioner
aws devops engineer professional
aws certified solutions architect
aws devops engineer professional
aws certified solutions architect

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